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Cardboard Shredder: A Double Winner of Environmental Protection and Economic Benefits
The role and characteristics of lifting transfer windows in purification engineering

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Foshan Aikesong Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the development, research, and production of packaging electromechanical equipment, hospital CSSD center supply rooms, operating rooms, pharmaceutical factories, and purification rooms, as well as other ancillary stainless steel equipment. The product range and services cover various fields of medical ancillary equipment, including: cardboard shredder machine, electric transfer window series, sorting and packaging workbench series, cleaning equipment series, storage cabinet series, sterile item rack series, various storage, cleaning and sterilization blue basket series, various transportation carts series, purification equipment series, automatic transmission equipment, etc. Over the years, with a thorough understanding of the industry development direction and unique vision, we have developed and invested in research and development. The products used are characterized by the times and have received unanimous praise from h

Aircosan has an experienced and high-quality production team, as well as a batch of advanced processing equipment. High quality and advanced molds and process equipment fundamentally ensure the quality and efficiency of the production of key product components. Aircosan pays more attention to the cultivation of development talents and technology, choosing to hire more than ten middle and senior professional talents in mechanical, electronic, welding, and sales, equipped with AutoCAD assisted design, able to manufacture customized products for customers, and the products are exported overseas. To provide quality management for the enterprise, Aircosan adheres to the management philosophy of "being creative and pursuing excellence", conforms to the development needs of the times, establishes a brand image, follows the service tenet of customer first and quality first, implements long-term and efficient warranty services for customers, and establishes a lifelong tracking and mai

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